The EURLEuropean Union Reference Laboratory -Salmonella organises Proficiency Tests (PTs) on detection and typing of Salmonella  as part of her tasks described in Regulation (EUEuropese unie) 2017/625.

The participating laboratories in these PTs are the National Reference Laboratories for Salmonella (NRLsNational Reference Laboratories -Salmonella), which make use of standard protocols, along with (online) results forms provided by the EURL-Salmonella.


Current Proficiency Test:

Samples for the current EURL-Salmonella Proficiency Test, on detection of Salmonella  in bootsocks with chicken faeces, were shipped to the participants on Monday 20 September 2021.
The deadline for completing the electronic submission of results is Friday 29 October 2021
The EURL-Salmonella contact person for this study is Irene Pol ( ).