Guidance documents NGS

Inter-European Union Reference Laboratories Working Group on Next Generation Sequencing

The documents  are meant to provide guidance to the laboratories in the area of application of NGS and have been produced by the working group with the aim of being diffused to all the networks of NRLs National Reference Laboratories (National Reference Laboratories). Links to these documents at the respective curators' websites are given below.

•    Overview of conducted and planned PTs – curated by EURL-Antimicrobial Resistance
•    Reference Whole Genome Sequencing collection – curated by EURL-Salmonella 
•    NGS laboratory procedures – curated by EURL-Parasites
•    Supporting document for preparing high quality DNA for Whole Genome Sequencing – curated by EURL-E. coli
•    Bioinformatics tools for basic analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data – curated by EURL-E. coli
•    Guidance document for cluster analysis of whole genome sequence data – curated by EURL-Campylobacter
•    Guidance document for NGS-Benchmarking – curated by EURL-Listeria monocytogenes
•    Inventory of training supports – curated by EURL-Coagulase-Positive Staphylococci
•    Survey on the use of NGS across the NRLs networks – curated by EURL-E. coli