Workshop 2021 Online

Group Picture EURL-Salmonella Workshop 2021.jpg
1_No EURL-Salmonella Workshop 2021 visitors in the RIVM building at Bilthoven_Horizontal.jpg
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3_EURL-Salmonella Workshop 2021 conference room in Bilthoven.jpg
4_Informative presentation by Frank Boelaert.jpg
5_It was the real EURL-Salmonella Workshop bell_horizontal.jpg
6_Presentation by Tomas Cerny on activities NRL-Salmonella Czech Republic.jpg
7_Presentation by William Byrne on activities NRL-Salmonella Ireland.jpg
8_Presentation by Jasna Micunovic on activities NRL-Salmonella Slovenia.jpg
9_Happy faces after the succesful second online EURL-Salmonella Workshop.jpg
10_Looking forward to a sunny future.jpg