Links to European (and International) organisations

Here some useful links are given to European (and International) organisations, as well as to the websites of other biological EURLs for Food and Feed.

European Organisations

European Commission, Health & Food Safety Directorate General (EC DG SANTE):

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA):

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ):

European legislation (EUR Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam-Lex):

Other biological EURLs for Food and Feed

Links to the websites of all EURLs as well as to the relevant lists of NRLs National Reference Laboratories can be found at the website of the European Commission:

EURL European Union Reference Laboratory for Antimicrobial resistance:

EURL for Campylobacter:

EURL for Coagulase-Positive Staphylococci (CPS), including S. aureus:…

EURL for Escherichia coli (including VTEC):

EURL for Foodborne viruses:…

EURL for Listeria monocytogenes:…

EURL for Parasites (Trichinella, Echinococcus, Anisakis):

Analytical methods

European Committee for Standardization (CEN European Committee for Standardisation ):
CEN/TC463 – Microbiology of the food chain:…

International Organization for Standardization (ISO International Standardisation Organisation ):
ISO/TC34 Technical Committee 34 on Feed and Food products /SC9 Subcommittee 9 on microbiology – Microbiology of the food chain:

Organisations for validation of alternative microbiological methods:
AFNOR validation: