The EURLEuropean Union Reference Laboratory -Salmonella organises Proficiency Tests (PTs) on detection and typing of Salmonella  as part of her tasks described in Regulation (EUEuropese unie) 2017/625.

The participating laboratories in these PTs are the National Reference Laboratories for Salmonella (NRLsNational Reference Laboratories -Salmonella), which make use of standard protocols, along with (online) results forms provided by the EURL-Salmonella.

Current Proficiency Test:

Samples for the current EURL-Salmonella  PT, on detection of Salmonella in whole liquid egg, were shipped to the participants on Monday 1 March 2021.

The deadline for completing the electronic submission of results was 31 March 2021. Results are currently under evaluation by the EURL-Salmonella and Individual laboratory performance reports and an Interim summary report will be sent out soon.

The EURL-Salmonella contact person for this PT is Robin Diddens ( ).